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ARGIE BARGIE BIDGIE BARGIE BO, wats happenin you slags!

This page is a load of fucken shit so you might as well fuck off now and finger a pigeon. If you have any comments of wat you want putting on me page, send them in on my comments page u fuckin shit ed! 

This is a pic of me main biatch chloe jones. would'nt you roast her ass.

Thats all i could be arsed putting on me page for now so come back later to see if theres any more funny shit or slags with the MOT out.


5 a side

Footie is back on this Wednesady at everton park, tickets r available from the ticket office at anfield.  LFC star player LIAM has been approached by Real Madrid with a record bid of £2.37, but his agents are refusing to go into talks as his future is at liverpool.  The team r now starting there training for the build up to the Mini Merseyside derby as Liverpool take on da blue shit away from home.  The last time they met Liverpool shat all over everton with a 4-3 victory.  Big toe is now back from his broken foot injury and will be fit to play.