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Stellaheadz nites out

Sod bootle now i say. i would much rather go round the priory n then to buckleys  for a neigh last drinking sesh.  Bootle is now a playground for youngsters, who'v just started gettin hair on there legs a bit like Tricky n Bartly.  The priory is the place 2 be at the mo, for watchin the match mainly like, so long may Englands run in this tournament continue!!!

Westi 'The Stud' returns
As he blaged his way in2 sullies (HOW) and WHY??? we have to congratulate him! Afta hours of tryin to get into ANYONE he cud but failed he settled for the old faithful Alex! Oh well at least sum of the stellaheadz av learned from ther mistakes!
  The big Break Up

Darren felt a bit peckish after his nite out, and has separated the syamease kit-kat

Rooney does it again!!

Wayne Rooney on the 20th of June 2004 yet again scored a brace against the gob shoyt croats.  I must admit i wasnt confident after they took the lead, whereas the rest of the mob in the priory had faithe throughout.  Rooney took both of his chances supurbly, like a true out and out striker. And ginger scholsey (or however u spell it) finally score an England goal after a 3 year drought.


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