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Dazza's Updates

What an 18th party i had this past friday.  All the family were there along wif all me mates, and wot a mixture they turned out to be.  As usual the music man was played, but this time we had costumes to perform it in ha.  Robbie D was the piano bloke, Greg performed the trumpet, i was the scottish bag pipe bloke, fat dave was the footy fan and last but very not least Rusty was the pilot. 

The funniest moment of the nite for me had to be rustys performance as the pilot, coz he didnt have a clue wot the dance was and was dancing round like an utter prat.

What your best moment at dazza g's 18th?

For those who attended Dazza G's party. what do you think was the best moment of the night for you and why.  Email your thoughts to either me or Garf and we will add the best ones to the site next week.

Wednesday Nite football update

Last weeks football, was a very entertaining tactical game, which both teams played well on the nite.  There were a few new faces this week at the footy, with Jay's lil bro cheesy attending the footy along with Ratty n Asa.  Asa had to go off on a stretcher unforunately for him, with a suspected blister on one of his feet. Updates on his condition will be shown on stella headz when we hear news from the hospital.

Man of the match - Ratty, outstanding display by one of the new attendees

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